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Saturday, 20 November 2010

After the NATO summit in Lisbon

Photo: PAP/ J. Turczyk   |   Photo: PAP/ J. Turczyk Photo: PAP/ EPA Photo: PAP/ Jacek Turczyk Photo: PAP/ Jacek Turczyk

Following the NATO summit in Lisbon, President Komorowski stated that NATO and Russia wish to cooperate. Both NATO generally and Poland in particular would benefit from this. He also emphasized that the summit confirmed the intent to cease military action in Afghanistan by 2014.


"It is evident that NATO is an organisation unified by an 'inner spirit' of shared goals and operating principles," Komorowski said after the NATO summit in Lisbon was over. In his opinion, accepting NATO's New Strategic Concept is a success for Poland and for the entire alliance.


"The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, of which we are a part, now follows a new strategy. There was full agreement concerning its adoption as a compromise solution," Komorowski said at the press conference.

In his opinion, NATO's new strategic document reflects the most important of Polish goals and intents. "This document is fully consistent with Polish expectations," he remarked.


He also said that he was positive as far as the removal of the visa obligation for Poles going to the USA is concerned. "I am optimistic here. I think that there will be solid activity on the part of the Americans, which should lead to a change in the visa system for citizens of Poland. Poland continually returns to this issue, yet we would not like to repeat the mistake of our predecessors and rely on a 'gratefulness strategy.' Politics is all about interests, not gratefulness," he added.


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