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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

President and First Lady visit Estonia


The presidents of Poland and Estonia, Bronisław Komorowski and Toomas Ilves, spoke on Monday in Tallin about the situation in Northern Africa and the European Union in reference to the Eurozone.

Bronisław Komorowski and his wife are on a two-day working visit to Estonia.

During the press conference the presidents were asked about NATO’s decision concerning taking over the command of the operation in Libya. “The decision by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to take command of the operation in Libya means joint responsibility, including the political dimension, of all member countries, including Poland. It does not need, however, to mean direct commitment in the military operation,” Komorowski stated.

He stressed that the commitment of Polish armed forces in, among others, the massive operation in Afghanistan induces Poland to focus on humanitarian help for Libya. Komorowski observed that not so long ago he signed a decision to dispatch a Polish warship in the Mediterranean Sea region to perform tasks resulting partly from NATO plans.

The Polish and Estonian presidential couples then took part in the Polish-Estonian Economic Forum at the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main aim of the forum is to increase the interest of Estonian businesses in the Polish market, including the growth of Estonian investments in Poland and of Polish exports to Estonia, as well as scientific and technical cooperation between Polish and Estonian businesses.

In the afternoon Bronisław Komorowski met with Estonian Prime Minister, Andrus Ansip. He also unveiled a commemorative plaque for “the Marshal”, Józef Piłsudski, and met with the Polish community in Estonia and with Estonians who had rendered great services for the development of Polish-Estonian relations.


On Tuesday, being the second day of a working visit to Estonia, President Bronisław Komorowski visited Tartu, where he delivered a lecture entitled "Good relations with neighbours in Poland’s foreign policy" and unveiled a plate devoted to King Stefan Batory at the local university.


"Poland and Estonia have the special right and duty to support freedom and democracy, and, as a result, we fight in the same camp as the Belarusian society. We support taking a tough course towards the Belarusian authorities who brutally suppress the democratic aspirations of the society," said the President in his lecture.


"Nowadays, with Poland and Estonia being in the EU and the NATO, we are safer. Hence feeling safer, we can seek good relations and cooperation with our neighbours who are outside the Euro-Atlantic structures more avidly," added Bronisław Komorowski.


"The last year's Polish policy was marked by the attempt of a dialogue between Poland and Russia, and looking for mechanisms of partnership along with defining the differences in interests in a simple and explicit way," stressed Bronisław Komorowski. "We want," he assured, "to show where cooperation is possible without sweeping the differences in interests and views under the carpet."


President Komorowski said that Poland wanted to see Russia which was becoming democratized, was able to cross historical barriers, and pursued dialogue. "We want to see Russia which will treat all its neighbours with due respect and maintain good relations with them", he added.


After the lecture, the Presidential Couple met Polish students and Estonian students who learn Polish at the Tartu University.


 (PAP, own information)

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