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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

President visits Kiev


The subject of the talks in the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday between presidents Bronisław Komorowski and Viktor Yanukovych was the cemetery in Bykivnia, as well as negotiations on Ukraine-EU free trade. In addition, both presidents took part in a summit on the safe use of nuclear energy.


President Komorowski said that he had been talking with Yanukovych about the cemetery in Bykivnia for a long time. “Exhumation works in Bykivnia will start in the spring and I hope that, as a consequence, by the end of the summer we will be able to set a date for laying the foundation stone for the fourth cemetery,” said Bronisław Komorowski to Polish journalists.


The president emphasised that the Katyn Forest Massacre was an element of the crimes committed by the communist regime against various nations, and in the case of Bykivnia – mainly against Ukrainians, but also Poles.


The Polish and the Ukrainian presidents also talked about the European aspirations of Kiev. “To my satisfaction, I can see that Ukraine is still very determined in its aspiration to participate in European integration on a wider scale,” said Komorowski.


He also added that "we can see that the confirmations that Ukraine will make every effort to prepare the country for fulfilling the criteria necessary to gain the opportunity for non-visa movement, signing the association contract and finalising negotiations on participation in free trade are true".


“There is a chance that during the Polish presidency of the EU Council we will achieve joint success in extending the system of functioning of economies, societies and countries as a part of the mechanisms created by the EU” he added.


Asked about the Polish House in Lviv, the President said: “We really hope that the intervention of President Yanukovych will result in the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to provide a proper building for the needs of the Polish society in Lviv”.


“Poland lived up to its promises concerning the creation of analogous solutions for the Ukrainian minority in Przemyśl” he added. “It was not easy and it was not so obvious for everyone, but, fortunately, we managed to do it. We hope that the two initiatives will build an infrastructure that will create favourable conditions for minorities as well as for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation at a state level”.

Earlier, during the summit on the safe use of nuclear energy, Bronisław Komorowski declared that Poland would transfer EUR 1.5 million to the Chernobyl fund. He emphasised that Poland is interested in the safe use of nuclear energy.


Bronisław Komorowski said that the 1986 catastrophe was certainly one of the most tragic events in the history of the nuclear power industry. “The contamination and human tragedy connected with the catastrophe were worst in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus,” he said.


“Being compassionate towards the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian nations, we must remember that the world has changed, the political map has changed, but one thing remains unchanged – the terrible consequences of the disaster in this area can be felt by the people living there even today,” said Bronisław Komorowski.


He added that 25 years after this tragedy, the main problem being faced was finishing the construction of a safe sarcophagus for the fourth block of the power station. Equally important, he said, is guaranteeing social and economic development of the areas that suffered as a result of the power station breakdown.


(PAP, own information)


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