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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Visit by the Emir of Qatar

Visit by the Emir of Qatar   |   Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar Visit by the Emir of Qatar

The Emir of the State of Qatar, His Highness Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al - Thani paid an official visit to Poland.


The official welcoming ceremony was held on the courtyard of the Presidential Palace and was then followed by plenary talks chaired by President Bronislaw Komorowski and Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and a meeting in private of the President and the Emir of Qatar.


In the presence of the Polish President and the Emir of Qatar, an Agreement was signed between the Government of the Republic of Poland and the Government of the State of Qatar on cooperation in tourism and an Agreement on establishment of the Polish-Qatar Business Council between the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


In the evening during the official dinner in the Presidential Palace Bronisław Komorowski noted that Poland is a country which values freedom and also has appreciation for those who act for freedom of others.

The President pointed out that the meeting is taking place in a particular moment of time: on the day of the death of Libya’s long-standing dictator Muammar Kaddafi.


Bronisław Komorowski also noted that the death of the last dictator in North Africa coincides with the Polish conviction that the world is progressing in the right direction and that freedom transformation is final and cannot be reversed.  


The President went on to say that the for him, it is a great satisfaction to raise the topic on the occasion of the visit to Poland of the Emir of Qatar – of the state which from the very outset was committed to fostering freedom and democracy in North Africa.  – Likewise, it is a unique opportunity for us to be able to speak today and to plan for the future in the context of a trade agreement on gas supplies which has been concluded for 20, an agreement important to the two countries, noted Bronisław Komorowski. He also expressed his hope that the agreement will pave the way for entirely new opportunities to be explored in many other areas of economic, political and cultural life.


- I welcome Your Highness to Poland, the country which particularly values freedom and appreciates those who act for the freedom of others, also beyond Europe’s boundaries, said the President.


- The State of Qatar believes that dialogue between nations is the best way to extend freedom, security and stability. Thanks to dialogue the world will be able to avoid the threat of wars and hostility, noted the Emir of Qatar. In his view, Poland given its historical experience realizes that fact fully well. – Ten years ago, I was visiting Poland and I met the then President but also beforehand, I had been following the development of Solidarity movement and reading articles on the subject. I was full of admiration for that movement, said the Emir.


The Emir also expressed his appreciation of the way how our country is weathering economic crisis. – We admire the measures that Poland has taken in defence of her economy which prove good governance and vision - said the Emir.


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