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Friday, 30 December 2011

President Komorowski to visit Chicago, Davos, New York in 2012

President Bronisław Komorowski

President Bronisław Komorowski

In 2012 Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski will lead a Polish delegation to a NATO summit in Chicago, attend the Economic Forum in Davos and take part in a UN General Assembly session in New York.


In late January the Polish president will go to Davos and in early February to Munich to attend an international security conference.

In May President Komorowski will lead a Polish delegation to the NATO summit in Chicago, planned to discuss the future of the Afghan mission.

The Polish president will again pay a visit to the U.S. in autumn to attend a UN General Assembly session in New York during which President Komorowski is expected to present Poland's position on most significant international issues.

In 2012 President Komorowski will continue to work for the strengthening of Poland's position in the EU, developing bilateral contacts with EU member states and consolidating transatlantic relations within NATO and with the U.S.

Plans provide for moves designed to further consolidate good neighbourly relations with Germany and Ukraine and to expand contacts with the Baltic States.

The Polish president will also attend regional meetings, such as for instance summits of the Visegrad Group or of Central European presidents. (PAP, own information)


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