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Saturday, 4 February 2012

President Komorowski calls for new security strategy for EU

President at the Munich Security Conference   |   President at the Munich Security Conference President at the Munich Security Conference President at the Munich Security Conference President at the Munich Security Conference President at the Munich Security Conference


The EU should resume work on a new security strategy, said the president in his address delivered during the main session of the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. The session was devoted to the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative.


Among the reasons which should induce the EU to "take up delayed work on the new security strategy" Komorowski mentioned recent US declarations on reducing its military presence in Europe. He said he hoped "NATO's real cohesion will be maintained" but emphasized that "the EU must proceed from words to deeds."


He called the signal from Washington "the final alarm bell" that should make the Union start work on its new security strategy. Poland submitted a number of proposals in this regard in the last two years, beginning with a proposal to set up a permanent operations command under the EU Common Security and Defense Policy, Bronisław Komorowski recalled.


He voiced concern over leanings to unilateralism and renationalisation that sometimes took the upper hand over the multilateral approach to security.


"The EU financial crisis, blockade of OSCE activities, divergences in approach to the Libyan crisis, unjustified growth in military spending by certain states, latest differences over the top-priority NATO mission in Afghanistan are clear signs of present determinants of and questions about the field of security," president Komorowski stated.


"This list of problems makes one abandon an arrogant belief that the future holds no serious challenges," he added. Speaking of the reset in relations with Russia declared by President Barack Obama in 2009, Komorowski noted that "many people pinned large hopes on it.”However, today we get the impression that (...) these hopes were not fulfilled," he said.


He recalled that Poland had initiated "its own reset in relations with Russia" but "its present dynamics also falls short of our expectations." "Consistency is required, of course. We hope that the dialogue with Russia will again become intensive after the (spring) elections (in Russia)," Komorowski said.


Asked by reporters after his speech about details of the new strategy proposals and whether it could entail the establishment of an EU joint armed force, the president said that "(...) I understand that the Polish public opinion is ready for ideas going that far, but I think that what we need now is simply to make these issues an element of common EU policy." (PAP)


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