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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

President invites Pope Francis to Poland

  |   The new pope's inaugural mass The new pope's inaugural mass The new pope's inaugural mass The new pope's inaugural mass The new pope's inaugural mass

President Bronisław Komorowski in Rome on Tuesday invited Pope Francis to visit Poland. The President, who attended the new pope's inaugural mass, said he had "found a special will to bind" in the papal homily.


"What was important for me in the homily, the ceremony itself, and also in the presence of the Franciscan order, was a special will to bind, a certain sensitiveness, an ability Jesuits teach, and a unique sense which Franciscans posses. The combination of these two styles in piety gives ground for big hopes in future". A Gospel-close homily and, one wants to say, worth taking an example from. This is the role and place of the Church in today's world and I think many among the clergy will think about this", Komorowski said.


Commenting the mass itself, Polish President said it was "brief, concise and full of respect for all participants".


Asked about his brief conversation with the pope after the service, Komorowski said his impressions from the meeting were "the best possible". He also praised Francis' ability to strike up personal ties: "I could discern an ease in striking up human contacts, a directness, a lack of pompousness, and an ability to close distances and establish a relation with everyone", the president opined. See also: President sent congratulations to Pope Francis


Bronisław Komorowski added that he made use of the occasion to repeat the Polish government's invitation to the pope to visit Poland.

The mass formally installed Francis as head of the world's Roman Catholic Church. (PAP)


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