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Thursday, 7 November 2013

"Solidarity is NATO's most important principle"


Solidarity is the most important principle of NATO operations, President Bronislaw Komorowski said at Drawsko Pomorskie training ground on Thursday. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen believes military exercises will help build the alliance.


The Polish President and the NATO Secretary General monitored NATO's Steadfast Jazz 2013 military exercises in north-western Poland on Thursday.


"Joint field operations show most effectively that solidarity, also solidarity in practice, is the basic principle of NATO operations," the Polish president said. "Even if threats are simulated, as is in the case of manoeuvres, cooperation is always true, real," he added. In the president's opinion modern states need modern armies but, as he added, modernity means also the tested solidarity principle."


The president added he hoped that the manoeuvres would "emphasize the purposefulness of the alliance's goals" which were building its future position and effectiveness."


NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that such manoeuvres were of substantial importance to the alliance and would contribute to building it in future.


Rasmussen added that the point was that the alliance's forces be trained, experienced and equipped in such a way as to be able to closely cooperate, to act as a team irrespective of the soldiers' country of origin.


The NATO secretary general thanked President Komorowski and the Polish government and nation for hospitality. He also gave thanks for Poland's unwavering support for NATO. Rasmussen stressed that it was the first time for Poland and the Baltic States to host NATO exercises for such huge a scale. All four states are our strong members, friends enriching our alliance, he said.

Present in Drawsko on Thursday, apart from the Polish president and NATO secretary general was Latvia President Andris Berzins.


Some six thousand soldiers, including 3,000 from Poland, are taking part in one of the biggest NATO exercises in recent years code-named Steadfast Jazz 2013 underway in Poland and the Baltic States since November 2.


The maneuvers are attended by all member states (28) as well as by sub-units from partner countries - Finland, Sweden and Ukraine. (PAP)


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