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Friday, 29 November 2013

"EU speaks with one voice: door is open for Ukraine"

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The European Union speaks with one voice that the door for Ukraine to sign an association treaty with the EU is open, Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski said In Vilnius on Friday at the end of an Eastern Partnership summit.


"It is important from the Polish, EU and Ukrainian society point of views that the EU speaks today with one voice saying that the door leading to the signing of the Ukraine-EU association agreement is open in a friendly way, welcoming Ukraine to return to the association process," Komorowski told reporters.


The president noted that talks on building an ad-hoc support for Ukraine now "in dire straits because of the economic situation and Russian pressure" were held until the last minutes of the summit.


He added that still on Thursday "there was a shadow of hope" that talks with Ukrainian representatives would bring lasting results in the form of a package of ad-hoc assistance to Ukraine.


"It is important that the Ukrainian society be aware that the European side has perceived and perceives the economic aspect and that it shows maximum openness to these problems," Bronislaw Komorowski stressed.


Georgia and Moldova initalled association agreements with the EU at the summit in Vilnius on Friday. Contrary to earlier plans the EU-Ukraine association treaty was not signed on Friday. Last week the Kiev authorities announced they halted preparations for the signing of the agreement. The Ukrainian government explained the EU failed to propose Ukraine sufficient compensation for losses suffered as a result of the deterioration of trade relations with Russia. (PAP)



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