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Monday, 2 December 2013

President: Poland to prepare new action plan over Ukraine

  |   National Security Council (RBN) sitting National Security Council (RBN) sitting National Security Council (RBN) sitting National Security Council (RBN) sitting National Security Council (RBN) sitting

After a National Security Council (RBN) sitting on Monday, President Bronislaw Komorowski announced that he and the government will prepare a new action plan towards Ukraine in an attempt to pave the way to Europe for Poland's eastern neighbour.


At the RBN meeting, the policymakers discussed the political and strategic conclusions of the Ukrainian crisis. Both President Komorowski and PM Donald Tusk stressed Poland's role in fostering further EU-Ukraine relations.


They underscored the need for a joint Ukrainian policy observed by all Polish politicians and for maintaining relations with both the Ukrainian opposition and the authorities.


"We have agreed with the prime minister that we will make an effort to create a new action plan...," President Komorowski said as he referred to a new political challenge Poland faced after Ukraine froze negotiations with the EU and decided to strengthen ties with Russia. Poland has been the main champion of attracting Ukraine closer to Europe.


The Monday RBN sitting are perceived by Ukrainian politicians "as signals that confirm Poland's involvement in keeping the door to the west open for Ukraine," according to Bronislaw Komorowski.


The president stressed Ukraine's progress in achieving democratic standards, including the introduction of EU-required legal changes, as well as the attitude of the Ukrainian society which confirms its determination in supporting ties with the western world.


"They are huge assets and achievements. We should defend them," Komorowski stressed and added that Polish institutions and policymakers must speak with one voice for the EU and Ukraine to restore association efforts.


The RBN meeting was attended by the leaders of Polish opposition parties Solidary Poland and Your Movement. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the main opposition party Law and Justice, did not appear at the meeting although he had expressed support for the Ukrainian protesters at a rally in Kiev on Sunday.


The president announced that Leszek Miller, the leader of the Democratic Left Alliance, who was abroad on Monday, was scheduled to meet with him on Tuesday to review the key ideas and conclusions.


PM Tusk said that he did not welcome Yanukovych's decision not to sign the EU accord, but stressed that the Ukrainian president was elected in a democratic vote and his "legitimacy is not questioned."


"Therefore we need to cooperate with all the actors, with all the entities in this endeavour of bringing Ukraine closer to Europe," the PM said.


Ukrainian supporters of integration with Europe have protested since November 21 against Ukraine's abrupt move to end EU association talks and tilt towards Moscow. Kiev's Independence Square, a symbolic gathering place for supporters of the European direction, saw some 200,000 protesters on Sunday, according to reports. (PAP, own information)

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