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Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas from the Presidential Couple

Merry Christmas from the Presidential Couple

On the occasion of Christmas we wish to offer to all Polish women and men across our country and beyond our best wishes for your wellbeing, good health and joy. May love and friendliness, mutual understanding and agreement reign in each household, and especially reign the Christmas Eve table.


As we break the opłatek wafer and extend to each other our best wishes for joy and optimism, we think of what is most important for our families and friends. The festive season often brings back our finest family memories; we also recollect the ones who are no longer with us at the Christmas table.


Gathered at the Christmas table we remember but we likewise ponder the future. We think about the future in store for our great family: Poland. Let us therefore  not forget that the forthcoming year - the 25th anniversary of Polish freedom - will afford a good opportunity to take stock of what we have attained as individuals and families, but also of what we have achieved in local communities and in the great national community. May this balance of a quarter of a century come out possibly best to become a source of our satisfaction, our optimism and our Polish strength.


Important goals are ahead of us. Through our joint efforts and solidarity we can overcome difficulties and  problems emerging. May the forthcoming New Year bring us satisfaction and good fortune.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May the year 2014 see the attainment of our pursuits. May it be a good time for Poland, for yourselves and for all of us.

Merry Christmas!


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