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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

President marks Poland's 15 years in NATO

  |   President marks Poland's 15 years in NATO President marks Poland's 15 years in NATO President marks Poland's 15 years in NATO President marks Poland's 15 years in NATO

The political harmony in evidence when Poland was joining NATO is still needed today, President Bronislaw Komorowski said at a special meeting celebrating the 15th anniversary of Poland's NATO membership on Wednesday.


Poland's drive to join NATO was a cause shared by all of the country's political forces, Bronislaw Komorowski pointed out at the Presidential Palace on the 15th anniversary of Poland joining NATO.


"I would like to thank the absent President Lech Walesa, but especially also President Aleksander Kwasniewski whom I envy that his term in office brought such an important moment in Poland's history," the current president said.


Former President Kwasniewski guaranteed that Poland's efforts to join NATO became the objective of all Polish political forces, which was neither very easy to achieve nor obvious at the time, Komorowski explained.


The harmony that was present when Poland was entering NATO is also needed today, because "we all want a safer world, and recent experience suggests that only those can feel secure who have force behind them," said president Komorowski.


The Polish president thanked the representatives of NATO member states who supported Poland's efforts to join NATO and all those Polish politicians who worked to secure Poland's position in the alliance. He encouraged everyone to work together to strengthen NATO as the most important tool building a safer Western world, Europe and Poland.


Guests invited to the official celebration at the Presidential Palace included the ambassadors of NATO member states and the ambassador of Ukraine, National Security Council (RBN) members, former Polish presidents and prime ministers, speakers of the Sejm (lower house) and Senate, foreign and defence ministers and other current and former officials.


Poland was accepted into NATO on March 12, 1999 together with the Czech Republic and Hungary. (PAP, own information)

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