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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"NATO and EU are the framework of Poland's security"


NATO and the European Union form the framework of Poland's security today, President Bronislaw Komorowski said at a press conference on Wednesday, the day of the annual briefing of high-ranking staff of the Defence Ministry and the Polish Armed Forces.


Those attending the annual briefing included President Bronislaw Komorowski, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak and National Security Bureau (BBN) head Stanislaw Koziej.

The annual briefing usually discusses the past year in the armed forces and outlines the tasks for the following year, the president remarked. This year's briefing was special due to anniversaries: the 25th anniversary of Poland regaining its freedom, the 15th anniversary of NATO membership and the 10th anniversary of EU accession, Komorowski pointed out.

"We were right when we worked towards NATO membership at the proper time and with the proper determination, and also when we strove for EU membership. Today this forms the framework of Polish security," the president said at a press conference held during the briefing.

"Modern armed forces are meant to be an element deterring anyone from even thinking about having any aggressive intentions towards Poland and NATO", the president also said. The briefing was taking place in the shadow of the Ukrainian crisis, but a security system is not built overnight, in the face of a threat, Komorowski added.

Poland in 2001 decided to start spending 1.95 percent of its GDP on defence, which "enables (modernisation programmes) to be continued to this day, serving Poland's international position well", the president said.

NATO is also changing due to the Ukrainian events, and "strengthening its eastern flank" as well as focusing more on Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty with its "one for all, all for one" principle. "This is the message with which we will take part in the summit in Wales, because these are important issues for Polish security", Komorowski said.

The Ukrainian conflict has shown that the priorities of technical modernisation set down two years ago - air defence, land forces mobility and information systems - were well chosen, BBN head Koziej remarked. (PAP)

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