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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Freedom Day in Poland and World-wide

A year-round celebration of the Twenty Five Years of Freedom in whole Poland will include various events, conferences, exhibitions and other initiatives undertaken to celebrate the jubilee year, sponsored by local communities, NGO’s, local governments and public institutions. More than 200 diverse events will be staged all across Poland. Also the Polonia Community, Embassies, Consulates and Polish Institutes joined in the celebration, actively promoting the success of the Polish transformation in more than 120 cities of the world.
Selected events - timetable:
On May 27, in the Presidential Palace, President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski will meet with local governments, marking the Day of Territorial Governments. The ceremony will include presentation of state decorations. Moreover, the wrapping up of the initiative “Majówka z Polską /“May-time Picnic with Poland”/ will take place and Civic Awards of the President of the Republic will be presented.
On May 28, a commemorative stamp will be launched by the Polish Post.
On May 29, in the Presidential Palace, the conference TEDxWarsawPresidentalPalace will be hosted, entitled “Define Your Place”. This is the first conference of the kind to be held in the residence of a head of state. TEDxWarsawPresidentialPalace is an interactive conference whose whole proceedings will be made available on the Internet. Its participants and viewers will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a whole spectrum of ideas worth spreading and promoting.
On June 1, in the gardens of the Presidential Palace, the Children’s Day will be organised, attended by the Presidential Couple and children from various care centres. Festivities for children will be combined with the launch of a book entitled“Mała książka o pewnej kurtynie, czekoladzie i wolności” / “A small book about a curtain, chocolate and freedom”/ written by Michal Rusinek with illustrations by Joanna Rusinek. On that day, the Presidential Palace will be open for public tours from 12.00 to 15.00.
In the evening, the President of Poland will attend a gala ceremony combined with the presentation of the Award “The Man of the 25 Years”, organized by Gazeta Wyborcza and TVN.
On June 2 in Poznan, a ceremony will be held in which the park stretching between the Bridge of St. Rocco and the Bridge of Queen Hedvig will be given the name of Tadeusz Mazowiecki. The President of Poland will plant “The Freedom Oak” in the park. In the City Hall, the President of Poland award state decorations to the citizens of Greater Poland region, the persons of meritorious services to democracy. Subsequently, a visit to the grounds of the International Poznan Fair will be paid in the course of which President Bronisław Komorowski will take part in the inauguration of the 2nd Polish General Exhibition, an event which is a reference to the first exhibition which took place in Poznan in 1929. The 1st Polish General Exhibition in Poznan offered an insight into the achievements of the 2nd Republic of Poland after the first decade of its existence. The newest expo will present the most important attainments of Poland of 1989-2014. That event, carried out under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Bronisław Komorowski, will provide an exceptional opportunity to shed light on Polish success scored in the quarter of the century in such areas as Economy; Local Governments; Culture; Citizen.
The same day, the Final Gala of the 12th Edition of the Economic Award will be hosted in which the President of Poland will hand over the statues to the best performing business entities in Poland.
In the evening, on Warsaw’s National Stadium, another Gala of “The Sports Success of the 25 Years” will be held.
For June 3, a cycle of multilateral and bilateral meetings with foreign guests arriving to Poland is scheduled. President of the United States Barack Obama will come with a two-day visit to Poland in the course of which he will attend the official commemoration of the 25 Years of Freedom.
In the evening, at Warsaw’s Royal Castle, a gala event will be organized during which President Komorowski will present the Solidarity Award, whose aim is to support freedom and democracy world-wide and to recall the role Poland has played in overthrowing Communism. This year, by a unanimous decision of the Chapter, the award will go the Leader of Crimean Tatars, Mustapha Dzemilev.
The highlight of the day will be a multimedia spectacle showing the Polish road to democracy and the success of the 25 years of freedom will be offered to the people of Warsaw and tourists, to be seen in the Fountain Park. 
On June 4 at 8.00 Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See will celebrate a Holy Mass in Warsaw St. John’s Archcathedral.
The central part of official celebrations  will be held on the Castle Square in Warsaw at 11.30.  Next to the President of the Republic of Poland, it will be attended by Heads of States from a number of countries, including US President Barack Obama and other foreign guests. The ceremony, fully open to the public, will include an artistic event: the performance of the “Freedom - a jazz symphonic suite” composed especially for the occasion by Wlodzimierz Pawlik .
 In the afternoon, at 15:00, President Komorowski will deliver a special address speaking before the National Assembly.
The President of Poland will participate in the meeting of the Presidents of the Visegrad Four and the President of Germany who will be joined by young people born on June 4, 1989, are going to discuss freedom.
President Bronisław Komorowski will also attend the ceremony of naming the A2 Motorway ‘’The Motorway of Freedom”.
In the cycle of country-wide celebration of June 4, symbolic Ballot Boxes of Freedom will be put up in 25 cities. Instead of election ballots, cards with wishes for Poland and for its cities will be cast, also outlining the goals to be pursued, plans and expectations for the future. Around the Ballot Boxes of Freedom, exhibitions will be organized, as well as film shows, history lessons, meetings with witnesses to history and with municipal authorities. In many places, a toast to freedom will be raised. The project is carried out by the Chancellery of the President of Poland, NGO’s affiliated with the Initiative Together ’89, local governments and other local institutions.
On June 5, the President of the Republic of Poland will present decorations to the persons who had struggled for Poland’s freedom before 1989 and to those who were managing it most skilfully working in different areas of life throughout the last 25 years.
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