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Monday, 23 June 2014

"Losses for the state need to be minimised"

  |   President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski

The losses that the Polish state is suffering following the publication of covert recordings of politicians must be minimised, according to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.


President Komorowski informed at a press conference on Monday that he had taken measures to find out whether there was still "a will to continue among the present majority coalition and a capacity on its part to take responsibility for the state."


He added that there were "means provided in the constitution for democratic validation of politicians and political forces," such as motioning for a constructive vote of no confidence in the government or for shortening the current Sejm (lower house) term.


At the conference the Polish president commented on the recordings of private conversations involving public figures such as the interior minister, the central bank president, the foreign minister and a former finance minister.


"Private and unofficial statements are of little consequence in relations with other countries. What always decides is the official line of the Polish state, and the Polish state's line as far as relations with the United States are concerned remains unchanged," Bronislaw Komorowski commented.

"The line in relations with the U.S. is based on the conviction that the United States is an extremely important ally for us, and a partner in every area, especially security and cooperation within NATO," the Polish president declared.


"We are working simultaneously to strengthen our position in the EU and to intensify the alliance with the U.S. so that the EU and U.S. grow closer and cooperation between them intensifies," Bronislaw Komorowski added.


Remarking that it was not clear what negative intentions were behind the illegal recordings, the president pointed out that they created "a threat of real-term destabilisation of the state."


"I am deeply shocked (by the recordings) but I try to evaluate them primarily from the point of view of the law and not just political aesthetics," Bronislaw Komorowski said.


Poland's stabilisation would be served by finding out "who made the covert recordings and what for" and why "such a large-scale operation was possible and was revealed by its authors," the president remarked.


Commenting on the vulgar language heard in the recordings, Komorowski said that things were changing for the worse in politics. "Lack of moderation in expressing thoughts and opinions is not something that applies to just one political circle," he added.


"All of the (recorded) politicians, even if they have not broken the law, should - according to their (...) own vision of their role in serving Poland - think things over and make appropriate decisions," Komorowski also suggested.


Pointing out that he had already spoken to Prime Minister Donald Tusk from the Civic Platform (PO) and deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski from junior coalition partner Polish People's Party (PSL), the president said that his "further actions will depend on information about the prospects for the current PO-PSL coalition."


"All kinds of crises and problems happen, but democratic mechanisms set down in the constitution can deal with a greater crisis than this," Komorowski also said.


He added that according to the letter and spirit of the constitution, the "president does not initiate a change of government, but takes part in the process of appointing a new government if such is the will of the parliament."


Bronislaw Komorowski also said that things were being expected of him that were "impossible from the point of view of the constitution." "I recently heard that I should appoint the government, with specific ministers. (...) the constitution does not provide for such an option," he emphasised. (PAP)


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