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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Warsaw to host regional summit on July 22"


Presidents of Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic and the Visegrad Group countries will meet in Warsaw on July 22, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski announced after talks with Slovak President Andrej Kiska on a one-day official visit to Warsaw on Tuesday.


During a joint press conference the two presidents stressed that Polish-Slovak relations were good, but added that both sides could still create closer ties.

The cooperation within the Visegrad Group, now under the rotating chairmanship of Slovakia, was one of the topics of the Tuesday talks. President Komorowski stressed that Poland was interested in strengthening the body. According to him, the Group may be useful in solving issues vital for the entire Western world.

"For us, this is primarily the question of Ukraine, as well as the reaction of the EU and NATO to issues related to the assessment of the effects of Russian aggression towards Ukraine," Komorowski stressed. The president added that these issues would be raised during preparations for the NATO September summit.

President Komorowski said he had already received confirmation of attendance in the Warsaw regional summit from the presidents of Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic countries and the Visegrad Group countries. "We would want very much for these countries to present a similar view on the future of NATO." "The problem of strengthening NATO on its eastern flank, as well as a common concern for the condition of the Alliance regarding member states' financial effort is, of course, a part of such common position," the president added.

President Andrej Kiska declared that Slovakia saw "a lower level of security in this region" and argued in favour of "common drafting of defence-related projects."

"My duty is that Slovakia presents at the NATO summit a clear, honest position when it comes to our commitments," said Kiska, adding that he thus welcomes the Polish regional summit initiative before the NATO summit. "I see this as an excellent opportunity to exchange our proposals, with which we will go to the NATO summit," said the Slovak president.

"If we want to have peace and development here, in Central Europe, it is not possible without Poland's active role," said President Kiska.

President Komorowski assessed that Slovakia was a very important economic partner. Poland is Slovakia's fourth largest trade partner, while Poland's southern neighbour is its eleventh largest partner. Turnover between the two countries amounted to EUR 7 billion in 2013. Polish exports to Slovakia closed at EUR 4 billion. (PAP)

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