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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

"Moderate promises strong point of PM's policy speech"


Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz's policy speech was good; its strength lay in the moderate number of specific obligations for the last year in government before the next parliamentary elections, according to President Bronislaw Komorowski.


"I think this was absolutely a good policy speech. ... I always prefer a policy speech in which you can distinguish what is a pledge for now and what is a plan ... for the longer term. This was properly outlined," the president told reporters after the PM's speech in the Sejm (lower house).


"I think the promises were presented in quite a limited way ... As far as next year's budget goes, no promises were excessive," Bronislaw Komorowski said when asked whether the PM had not overestimated the government's financial capacity.


The president expressed satisfaction that "a few issues strategically important for Poland," about which he had spoken to the Sejm in June, were now "reflected in the government's actions and plans," including "security and defence, also in view of the crisis east of Poland's borders."


"One response, though not the only one, will be the increased defence budget, perhaps not by very much but enough to enable us to use this argument - of an increased financial effort - to promote our own defence in the whole of NATO," he added.


Another task that President Komorowski mentioned as being strategic was the problems faced by families in Poland and overcoming the demographic crisis. He said that he was pleased that this area had also been prominent in Kopacz's speech and that specific pledges had been mentioned.


The next strategic problem, in the president's view, was the energy sector, which is connected with both security and the Polish economy's competitiveness. Bronislaw Komorowski said this was the toughest area in terms of achieving progress in both Poland and the European Union, but added that he thought "the prime minister had it all well thought-out."


Bronislaw Komorowski said he was not disappointed that the PM had not mentioned any specific time when Poland might join the euro zone. He said that this was an issue which had to be resolved with full awareness of the positive and negative effects of each option.


A decision to join the euro zone would have to be made across a very broad political spectrum, he added. "It is only in the broadest possible political spectrum, also including the current opposition, that changes can be made to the constitution, something that is an insurmountable barrier today," Bronislaw Komorowski explained.


The president also said that an effective and active foreign policy was among the elements giving Poland a sense of security. "Such a foreign policy includes the issue of our active stance in the integration of the Western world," President Komorowski said. (PAP)

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