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Saturday, 13 December 2014

"Hope won over dark times of martial law"


President Bronislaw Komorowski handed state orders to over 40 former anti-communist opposition activists who struggled against martial law on the 33rd anniversary of its imposition in Poland on Dec.13, 1981. He said that hope prevailed in the end.


Times were mean and Polish hope was almost murdered on December 13, 1981, Bronislaw Komorowski said in his address during the ceremony at the Presidential Palace on Saturday.


Martial law almost killed that hope but even then there were people who dreamt of regaining freedom and independence by Poland, of economic transformation and free market, even of changing the world for the better, the president recalled.


"There were people, some of them my friends, and myself as well, who were bold enough to dream of a future when we could draw the nations of our part of Europe closer together and care for our common freedom together with the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Russians, Hungarians and Czechs," he recalled.


"(...) this hope did not let itself be killed and eventually won," the president went on. "(...) we now celebrate 25 years of Poland as a free country."


The president and his wife Anna later lit a symbolic candle in a window of their residence in the Warsaw Belvedere palace to commemorate the victims of martial law. (PAP)

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