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Monday, 26 January 2015

EU should consider harsher sanctions against Russia

  |   President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski President Bronisław Komorowski


The Western world's response to the events in Mariupol has to be very firm, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said on Monday.
The attack on Mariupol in eastern Ukraine could have "far-reaching negative consequences," according to Komorowski, practically invalidating the agreement that Ukraine and Russia reached in Minsk.
It is an element of a strategy aimed at overstepping the Minsk agreement so that any measures for coming out of the conflict in future would be to Ukraine's disadvantage, the Polish president said.
"That is how I understand the operations around Mariupol (and) the extraordinary decision that has already caused tragic bloodshed, namely the missile attack on a residential district in Mariupol," Komorowski underlined.
Komorowski called it "an intentional operation that had to mean pushing for an escalation of the conflict."
The Western world's response to these events "has to be very firm," according to Poland's president.
President Komorowski added that the Polish position at the Thursday meeting of European Union foreign ministers should be that the attack on Mariupol and seizure of the airport in the Donbas region "effectively overturns efforts towards lightening the sanctions against Russia."
"I will meet with Prime Minister (Ewa) Kopacz, I would also like to meet with the foreign minister, to offer them my suggestions regarding Poland's conduct at this summit," the president also said.
"The European Union's response should be to deliberately raise the issue of further hardening of sanctions against Russia," Komorowski added. (PAP)


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