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Dodatkowe narzędzia

August Zaleski

Born on 13 September 1883. Before the First World War completed studies in London. Worked in Warsaw as a librarian of the Krasinski estate. In 1917, lectured, on a permanent basis, in Polish language and literaturein London, where he joined the masonry, using the organistaion as ameans of influence for the benefit of Poland. During the First World War, one of his tasks was to convince the British that the action of the Pilsudskis army was not directed against the coalition powers, but only against Russia.


Was a diplomat accredited to Switzerland, Greece, Italy. After the coup detat of May 1926, he accepted the foreign affairs portfolio. He was successful at the Nations League forum. From 1928 to 1935 he was a senator. Later, he was the President of the Supreme Board of Bank Handlowy (Commercial Bank) in Warsaw, which he evacuated to France in September 1939. Having assumed the office of the President in exile (April 1947), he appointed General Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski Prime Minister. Having completed a 7 years term of office, he extended the term indefinitely. One of his adherents was Cat-Mackiewicz who replaced him at the post of Prime Minister, where as General Anders refused to obey him. Before his death in April 1972 he designated Stanislaw Ostrowski as his successor.

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