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Dodatkowe narzędzia

Edward Raczyński

Born on 19 July 1891 in Zakopane. Son of an aristocrat, also on the distaff side related to the House of Habsburg. While attending secondary school in Cracow, he lived in the "Pod Baranami" ("The Rams") family tenement house, and spent his holidays in the huge family manorin Rogalin. Studied in Germany and England, was awarded Ph.D. in Law in Cracow.


An heir to historical tradition, politician and writer. Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in London from 1934 until the withdrawal of the recognition of the Polish emigre government by the British authorities. During 1941-1943, headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In March 1979 assumed the office of the President, declaring that he would resign from the post in 1986. On 8 April 1986 his successor was sworn in. Died in London on 30 July 1993.

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