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Dodatkowe narzędzia

Stanisław Ostrowski

Born on 29 October 1892 in Lwow (Lvov), where he completed secondary school and, in 1919, the Faculty of Medicine of the Jan Kazimierz University.In 1912 joined the secret National Youth Organisation. Was member of the Gunners Union where he completed non-commissioned officers school and officers college. During the First World War, joined the 1st Brigade of the Legions and then in the Military Department of the Supreme National Committee.


Served in the Austrian army and in 1918 took part in the defence of Lwow. Later served in the Polish Army as a physician in Captains rank until 1922. After the war, he was an Assistant Professorof the Jan Kazimierz University, and from 1934 Deputy Mayor, and, subsequently, Mayor of the City of Lwow. Imprisoned by NKWD in Lwow and Moscow, was sentenced to 8 years of labour camp in Siberia and Mongolia. As a soldier of the 2nd Corps of General Anders took part in the Italian Campaign. After the Second World War, worked as a physician and professor of medicine. Sworn in as President on 9 April 1972, he resigned after a 7 years term of office, passing the function to Edward Raczynski. Died in London on 22 November 1982.


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