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Stanisław Wojciechowski

Stanislaw Wojciechowski was born on 15 March 1869 in Kalisz in a family of intellectuals, whose nobility roots dated back to the 15th century. Having completed secondary school, started studies at the Warsaw University; during 1888-1891 studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. He belonged to the circle of the most active conspirators, participant of the secret student groups forself-improvement. Was member of the clandestine Polish Youth Union "Zet".


Later, activist of the clandestine organisation Workers union. Took part in the Paris Congress, and was founder of the Polish Socialist Party. Opposed the use of terror. Arrested and expelled from France. From 1895 to 1899 stayed illegally in the country. In 1893 participated in the founding Congress of the Polish Socialist Party in Wilno(Vilnius) where he met Pilsudski, with whom he made friends. Until 1905, they co-operated closely together, with Wojciechowski being at that time a member of the Party leadership.


He and Marshal Pilsudski edited and published together the "Robotnik" ("Worker") bulletin. A year later, benefiting from the transitional possibilities, he returned to the country, and having left the party, became a pioneer of the co-operative movement. He founded a weekly, which, following Zeromskis advice, he named "Spolem" ("Together"). During the war, he went to Russia where, after the overthrow of the tsarist regime, he became the Chairman of the Polish Council of the Inter-Party Union in Moscow, which co-operated with the National committee of Poland in Paris. Engaged in the creation of the Polish army in Russia. In 1918, threatened with arrest, he arrived in Warsaw and returned to his co-operative activity.


On 15 January 1919, the Chief of State nominated him Minister of Internal Affairs in the Cabinet of Ignacy Paderewski, whom Wojciechowski replaced during his numerous absences from the country. Participated in the drafting of the constitution. On 20 December 1922 elected President of the Republic by the National assembly. As a result of the coup detat staged by Jozef Pilsudski on 14 May 1926 he resigned from the office. Died in 1953 in Golobki near Warsaw.

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