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Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland "The Castle" - National Heritage Complex in Wisła

National Heritage Complex in Wisła

Utility function:


Residential and conference facility


The Castle of the President of the Republic of Poland in Cieszyn Silesia at the springs of the Vistula river was built between 1929 and 1930 on the spot of a burnt wooden hunting castle of the Habsburg family from the wake of the 20th century. It was a gift from the People of Silesia for the President of the Republic of Poland Ignacy Mościcki and his successors.


The Castle in Wisła is an avant-garde work of the Polish architectural and artistic thought from the interwar period. It was designed by Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz with the cooperation of Andrzej Pronaszko and Włodzimierz Padlewski.


President Ignacy Mościcki visited the Wisła Castle for the first time at the turn of January and February 1931. He used to visit it regularly and eagerly a few times a year until the beginning of war. He used to invite honorable guests - including the Duke of Kent and an opera singer Jan Kiepura. During the President's absence the Castle was open for sightseeing. In the period of Nazi occupation the Castle was transformed into a center for officers and clerks of the 3rd Reich. Most probably the Germans rebuilt the Castle replacing the flat roofs designed by Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz with sloping ones.


In 1945 the Castle became the residence of the head of the Polish state once again. When in 1952 the constitution of the People's Republic of Poland abolished the office of the President, the building was taken over by the Office of the Council of Ministers. The highest representatives of authorities used to visit it, including: Józef Cyrankiewicz, Edward Ochab and Edward Gierek. In 1981 the building was handed over to the miners of the 30th Anniversary of the People's Republic of Poland KWK (hard coal mine) (currently KWK "Pniówek" from Pawłowice Śląskie). Art historians and restorers of historic monuments were more and more interested in the fate of the Castle. In 1994 the whole complex was entered into the Register of Historic Monuments.


The efforts to put the Castle back into the custody of the President of Poland started to be made already at the beginning of the 90s. They resulted in a success in 2002 and at the beginning of 2005 the then President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski made an opening ceremony of the Castle on the Western Groń in Wisła after two years of renovation. The facility was simultaneously modernized and adapted to the current standards of a head's of state residence.


The Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland "The Castle" - National Heritage Complex - comprises the following facilities:


• The Castle - a historical residence of the President of the Republic of Poland Igancy Mościcki,
• A historical wooden chapel from 1909,
• The Lower Castle together with a Ranger Station.


The Castle - similarly as in the interwar period - was made available for sightseeing. In the carefully reconstructed chapel open Holy Masses are held on Sundays and national celebrations (12.00.) as well as evangelical masses - 10.30. The Chapel may be also booked for religious celebrations.


In the open Lower Castle and the Ranger Station conferences and trainings are organized. Individual tourists may use the hotel base and the catering facilities of the residence throughout the year.


Without a doubt, the central value of the residence is its location. It is situated at a place where Biała and Czarna Wisełka join and at the foot of Barania Góra, which makes it a perfect starting point for hiking excursions. The tourist routes guide directly from the Castle to Szarcula, Stecówka, Kubalonka, Barania Góra or Kozińce.


At the winter season well prepared slopes and numerous ski-running routes near the Residence are waiting for skiers. In the valley of Biała Wisełka and at Stecówka and Kubalonka sleigh rides are organized.


In 2008 the K-120 Adam Małysz ski jump was put into operation in the neighboring Wisła Malinka and is open for sightseeing.

  • Management of state visits
  • Organization of gatherings, meetings and conferences
  • Hotel and reception services
  • Organization of recreational events


Terms and scope of sightseeing or stays at the Residence:


Sightseeing of the Residence and the Chapel is free of charge; it takes place in organized groups of up to 20 people with a guide. The interiors of the Castle, the Chapel and exhibitions may be seen from Wednesday through Saturday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The organization of sightseeing of the Castle and the Chapel is handled by the Reception of the Residence, phone no. (033) 854 65 00, fax no. (033) 854 65 01, e-mail address:

The use of the hotel and recreational facilities of the Residence is not free of charge. The cost of a holiday is calculated according to the applicable price list of the Residence. The cost of organization of meetings, gatherings and conferences is subject to individual negotiations.


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